3 Questions to ask your Electrican

3 Questions to ask your Electrican

When something goes wrong with the electricity supply to our home, most people call on the services of an electrician to sort the problem out. There is no denying that this is an excellent practice and habit, as only a qualified licenced electrician should ever carry out electrical services. However, having an electrician in your home also provides an excellent opportunity to ask a number of questions about the state of your home’s electrical system.

It is a great idea to seek the expertise and recommendations of a qualified electrician to not only respond to problems that exist in your home, but also to prevent potential problems from emerging in the future. This can save you time, money, stress and inconvenience in the long run and can also assist you to have your home electrics functioning with the highest level of efficiency.

So, what questions should you ask your electrician?

1:  Is the wiring in my home safe?

As long as our lights switch on and off and our appliances are powered with electricity, we rarely give much thought to how safe the wiring is in our homes. In fact, most people assume that because it is working, it is safe and there is nothing to worry about.

However, knowing how safe the wiring in your home is, is vitally important for homeowners with properties of all ages, but particularly for those who have older homes. In older homes, the wiring may not have been inspected for many years and may be showing signs of deterioration.

We recommend that you ask your electrician to suggest ways in which the electrical safety of your home may be improved. Of course, safety switches and the replacement of faulty or problematic wiring can increase the safety of your home, but an electrician will likely be able to recommend a number of useful (and potentially cost-effective) solutions.

2:  How much will it cost and what is the expected time frame for the job?

Before any work commences, a conversation should occur around the budget for the job and how long it is estimated to take. Customers want tradespeople to be upfront with them regarding costs and time-related matters. Likewise tradespeople appreciate it when their customers give them an honest and account of their expectations.

If the job is extensive, you will also want to know if parts of your home are going to be inaccessible and if any structural changes will be required. It is important to have an idea about if and how you will be affected by the electrical work that will occur, prior to it commencing.

3:  Is there a way to save money?

For just about everyone, money is one of the most important factors when it comes to electrical and other trades’ work.

Be sure to ask your electrician whether there is any flexibility in the prices that they have quoted, or whether they can suggest electrical services and work that will ultimately reduce your electricity expenses and the bills you are required to pay.

Electricians not only fix electrical problems; they can also provide some helpful advice that promotes safety and the opportunity to save you money.

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